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    Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is the result
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    626 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Unit 202 (2nd Fl)
    Mississauga, ON L5B 2C4

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  • Kundalini Reiki Certification Course Level 1

    This workshop will introduce you to one of the simplest form of healing and self-development system that exists, yet powerful. What is Kundalini Reiki and how is it different? It is the unison of Universal Life Force and Kundalini that enable one to heal, balance and attain wisdom. The attunements will open and strengthen the energy channels/centres of the body (chakras) in which one can channel healing Reiki energy to oneself and others simply by setting the intention. The ultimate goal is to awaken the Kundalini Fire and raise the energy up from the Root to Crown chakra. Information: A person who has, or has had problems with wrong Kundalini awakening, or other problems with the Kundalini energy, can most often be helped with Kundalini Reiki. Requirement: None! If you are called for to learn this healing modality, then you are ready. If you have not received any hands-on healing, it is recommended that you have at least one session of kundalini reiki before level 1 attunement. A little about Jennifer Kn: Jennifer is a healer, channeler, intuitive coach and yoga instructor. She first got attuned in the Usui Reiki Level 1 in 2008. In the same year, she discovered Kundalini Reiki where it is a simpler, but power healing modality. Since then, Jennifer has been using Kundalini Reiki and combined with other healing modalities in her healing sessions. ​There are 3 levels. Each level includes attunement, hands on practice, manual and printed certificate. Level 1 Learn how to do the following healings: Self Others Distance Specific situation Space/room clearing Karmic band Level 1 – $133 + HST Sat July 9 ​2pm – 5pm The length of this workshop will depend on how many students attended. It can go longer or shorter than the allotted time. ​If you are unable to attend on July 9, please contact Jennifer to arrange a different date.

    Membership Price

    June Membership Price. 5 Class Card $75 Intro Pass: 30-Day $40 (New members or memberships have not active in the past 12 months). 1 Month Unlimited $95. Monthly Auto Renew $85 (Minimum 3 months contract). 1 Month Student/Senior $75. All prices are subject to tax.

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  • Bagua Nei Gong – Free Classes in June

    Bagua Zhang is one of the Chinese Internal Martial Arts which uses circular stepping, spiraling forces, and whole body connection as its core. Embedded into the art is a complete system of internal exercises that promotes self-healing and longevity by developing an agile body in which Qi can flow freely. This class will cover 6 of the foundational Bagua Nei Gong practices as an overview of the system. Only selected exercises and postures will be covered from the 6 areas with the intention of expanding each area to its whole in future classes. There are additional Bagua Nei Gong areas (such as Circle Walking, Ding Shi, Tian Gan, etc.) which can also be covered in further classes.

    Tuesdays 5:45 – 6:45pm – Free Classes

    Suggest register in advance as space is limited.

    Yoga Therapy with Massage Balls

    Sasha will guide you through a series of poses using a therapy ball in order to relieve muscle tension, pain, stiffness and soreness. We will look at key placement locations and specific body movements so that you can become your own body masseuse. These small, dense, hand-sized therapy balls are especially designed with a material that will not cause pinching of the skin, allowing them to penetrate into your tissues for a deep massage targeting specific areas such as your back, hips and neck. They will massage deeper than a foam roller or a tennis ball ever could! Date: June 18 Time: 12:30 to 1:30pm Cost: Students with Unlimited Memberships $20            Non-Members $25 Prices Subject to HST Pre-register only! There is no drop-in at the door.

    Reiki / Energy Healing

    Reiki / Energy Healing. Experience the benefits of Energy alignment by using the Universal Life Force Energy to move any blocked and stagnant energy. It is a non-invasive treatment where the practitioner places his/her hands gently on the the receiver. Book your session today! $40  for 30 minutes (Plus HST) $75  for 60 minutes (Plus HST)

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  • Giving Back

  • At Hot Yoga Wellness, we believe in promoting community member’s health and wellness emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  We bring the “East meets East in the West” philosophy through charitable activities by sponsoring the Canadian International Culture Wellness Association.

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